Single. Taken. Dancer Phone Case



Are you Single? Taken? Or Dancer?

We as ballroom dancers love to practice, and by that I mean A LOT of practice. We end up spending 3 or 5 or even 8 hours in the dance studio perfecting our choreographies and becoming better dancers ourselves.

It's fun and we love it, but sometimes we do not get time to do much else with any other people than our dance friends.

This is something only dancers understand. When you want to become great at it, you have to give yourself fully to it (time, effort, money, energy, etc) and the only people that resonate and understand that are… guess who? Other dancers.

And for that, we are now entitled to have a 3rd relationship status, which is not single or taken but dancer.

P.S: Maybe that's the reason why Actors marry actors - because they're the only ones that truly understand them.


Premium Matte Snap Case Made from Polycarbonate.

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