Passion Element T-shirt



What separates the average dancers from the great dancers?

It was competition time. You were watching the performances.

The final has started with Waltz, the Tango… And even though you know that they’re all good, there’s something about this one couple that just makes them shine. They’re technically skilled, they look impeccable, but it’s not that that makes them shine.

It’s their passion, their determination and 100% conviction that what they’re doing right now, what they’re performing, is a true form of art and expression, and they are not thinking about anything else.

They are there, performing and giving themselves to you. Outstanding.

Final is over. They won. Unexpected but expected. You understand that everybody could feel that, so it was not just you that felt that.

You decide to take that and inject more passion in your dance, and into your life, because great dancers live, practice and perform with passion.


Material: 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. Sizing & Fit is European. If you are ordering from US - consider ordering one size higher.

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