Dance To Express T-shirt



"The point of maturity in people is when they realize that the highest form of happiness is expression of self, not impressing others."

Your spirit wants to be free. But all that you could think of when you were dancing is "What are they thinking of me?" or "How well do they think I am doing?".

It is interesting that while you are thinking of that, everybody else in the dance studio is probably worried about their tango and how they're going to do that follow-way whisk right this time.

Or they're thinking about the movie they're going to watch after. Ok probably now.

Nevertheless, they're not thinking about you - and after you have realized this you become free.

You become free to express yourself fully into your dancing, in your performance.

You become free to personalize your style with pieces of you and your dancing becomes who you are.

Express > Impress.


Material: 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. Sizing & Fit is European. If you are ordering from US - consider ordering one size higher.

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