About us

What is Dancesportlife?

It's simply the best website for dancers to actually go and spend time and get amazing things made by dancers for dancers. From funny t-shirts, to mugs and posters, we are creating things that we love to wear and have to showcase our passion and love for this amazing sport.


I’m Matthew, Founder of Dancesportlife and I want to tell you a little story of how this website came about…


I have been dancing for 9 years. I started off training for a few years without any major results because I was so sporadic with my training and practice.


Finally, after a few years, I got consistent, I decided to become great, and I started to get results.


I remember that one summer, probably 2010, I was so dedicated to this sport, after winning a few major competitions that I’ve esentially practiced 3-5 hours every single day excluding sunday for an entire 3 months. That was probably the longest uninterrupted training time I’ve had in my life.


And after all these years, I noticed that I felt a huge need to have cool T-shirts, Mugs, Posters, and all that personalized jazz that everyone has but when I was looking for anything for dancers, I couldn’t seem to find a thing.


So I took all my experience from working in marketing and sales, and also took my experience as being a passionate dancer, and created a concept.


This concept is Dancesportlife and it symbolizes our love and dedication to this sport.


Initially, Dancesportlife is going to become the first and utterly the best store for personalized goods for ballroom dancers, but the vision for the future is so much bigger.


That vision is for another day but I can tell you that it will allow dancers all around the world to easily find dancing partners, to easily buy and sell dresses, shoes, etc, and it will be the biggest resource in terms of news, valuable information and videos.


We will take all of our vast experience in marketing and create the biggest brand that has ever existed in Ballroom Dancing…


So stay tuned, as we’re building the future.


In the meanwhile, make sure you buy the hell out of our stuff.