Practice Element T-shirt



It’s saturday, you are in the dance studio. You don’t have any upcoming competitions in the next 4 weeks but you still practice, because you know that everybody else is relaxing right now.

You are using this time to gain that competitive advantage, that competitive edge, that champion mindset, to work on your posture, performance, add more interesting parts to your choreography.

You understand that practice is as important if not more important than talent and the greatest dancers have not gotten there by mistake but by design. They have strategically trained and practiced consistently until every single move and step was ingrained in their brains and bodies.

Here’s a beautiful thing about practicing a lot. Your body starts to become great - on autopilot. That means that when it’s competition time, you can just turn off your thinking and actually start to enjoy yourself and have a good time. That’s when things start getting really fun and exciting.

That’s the goal. That’s why you practice. That’s why you are getting better. And that’s why you will win.


Material: 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. Sizing & Fit is European. If you are ordering from US - consider ordering one size higher.

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